Mission Stories

Hurricane Hannah

Hannah is sitting over Haiti right now – and the Baie is beginning to flood out. The ocean is rising in Port-de-Paix by the orphanage. The children are safe but the hotel by the orphanage is being slowly consumed by ocean. St. Louis and the compound are okay right now but this could be a serious situation as we monitor the water levels in the Far west where there are some missionaries. We are talking to the missionaries out west constantly and they are safe right now and are camping out on the roof of their compound.

Without sounding too alarming – please get everyone to pray. In Gonaives the water is up to the roofs of homes. That town is in the middle of the island. In the Far west – the water is coming in their homes. We are making plan B should we need it.  


AGAIN – Everyone is safe – but – we just need to monitor this situation and immerse it in prayer.

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