I Miss My Kids!

I don’t know if you noticed the above picture with the Christmas tree!! Yes – it’s a little early. You probably think we just put it up! Well actually it was up around October 18th! The kids had asked every day if we would put the tree up. I kept telling them if they were good then we would do that. Well Mikela brought home a note from her teacher that said the girls were “good”. She is SO SMART! So up went the tree!!

After looking at Heather’s website with the pictures of her kids – I found myself in tears. I miss my little rugrats so much! I talked to them on the phone today and they kept saying – “You still sick? When you gonna get better? How many sleeps until you come home mommy?” Just makes me so home-sick! 🙁

4 responses to “I Miss My Kids!”

  1. Hang in there Jody! Get healthy so you can go back and enjoy your rugrats!

    They are sooooo stinkin’ cute tho!

    I am missing Walden so much! I miss Haiti and all of you and March can not come soon enough!

    Love ya,

  2. Jody,
    I saw your tree shining through your front door the last week I was in Haiti. At first I thought the heat had fried my brain, however little Rosie crawled into my lap and told me about her tree. After that, I tried to sit in the best place to see the lights each night. It was peaceful and calming. Thank you for that tree!

  3. Hi keep following you blogs. You may be interested to know that I am now trying acupuncture, have been going to the chropractor every since I came home from Haiti. It helped some, but not completely. So am now giving this a try. I can stand, sit, walk, but only as long as something solid. Sit in a soft chair and it is a problem. Am excited to see if this will work. I think your massages, and oils are a great idea. Jr and I continue to keep you and your family, the Mission and all our Haitian friends in our prayers. Everyone has endured such hardships in the past several months. Loved your Christmas tree and the pirates. Blessings

  4. Your kids are absolutely gorgeous! I love their pirate costumes! Thank you so much for sharing their picture with all of us!

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