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I’ll be heading back to Haiti tomorrow! YEAH! I finally got cleared from my doctor and am so excited to be going home! Also – while I was gone – the boat came in with all our CHRISTMAS! How about that for a wonderful homecoming! They just brought  to the compound our Christmas crates, food and diaper crate, freezer of food, and kitchen cabinets! It will really feel like Christmas when I get home. I remember last year the crates came 2 days before Christmas! We were sweating it!

This is a very nice surprise to know everything is already there – actually by my house steps – and not stuck on a boat or held-up in customs. Of course our Christmas tree is already up but the compound has yet to be decorated. That will be one of the first things I do when I get home. I’ll make sure I post pictures!! I’m so excited to see my kids and friends! Please pray for safe travels tomorrow!! 

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Search For Children in School Collapse – OVER! :(

They decided to quit searching for survivors yesterday afternoon and are now focusing on removing rubble and bodies. I have a friend of mine who lives in PAP and he went over where the school is at. He said that it’s an absolute madhouse. There are thousands and thousands standing on rooftops watching over the site. Everyone is upset that the search is over – feeling like the government acted too slowly. Parents are grieving – still looking for their children. There have been many fights – everyone walking around holding pictures of their children – asking if anyone had seen them. My mind drifts back to 9/11 when everyone was covered in dust and debris and you saw all these people walking around with pictures frantically looking for loved ones. I know it’s not on that massive scale but the reality is still the same – people searching for their family.

They believe there are still over a hundred kids buried underneath. Jose takes our kids to school every day. He walks them back into their little classroom. I think about the teacher and her 20 students who were completely wiped out. It’s hard for us to imagine what that would look like to know if our kids plus all their friends were just gone – and with such a horrible death. My only prayer for those who are left in the rubble is that they went quickly. To think of little kids like – Malaya, Rosie, and Mikela – crying out for their mommy and daddy – trapped and scared – brings tears to my eyes even now as I write it. As this was a Catholic school (hopefully not too many in voodoo) – I pray that all those children are in the arms of Jesus right now.

Our prayers now must focus on the mothers and fathers – some still holding out hope for their little ones – some who lost all their children – some still looking for their children. I pray for those who don’t know Jesus and can’t feel His embrace – even though He’s standing right there to hold them.