Month: December 2008


Rosie’s grandmother just came to deliver the news that Mimose has just passed away. We are having a small wake tonight for her and then she will be buried first thing tomorrow morning. Jose went to go get the casket we made and is taking it to her […]

Malaya’s Candy Give-Away

So what do we tell groups when they come to Haiti – please don’t start handing out things in the middle of a crowd. Well we’re still showing movies and the kids are back in the courtyard again tonight. Malaya came up here and said that “the people” […]

Christmas 2008

I was on IV’s until noon on Christmas Eve! Talk about God’s perfect timing! We enjoyed a great evening with the kids and Santa came Christmas Eve! I was glad Santa came early since I was kind of sick this morning!! All the kids were in the back […]

Our Christmas Miracles…..

  You are looking at BABY A and BABY B! Not to sound like a Christmas Song  – BUT – DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE?  That’s right – you’re looking at one of the first pictures of our twins! God doubled His blessings on our family and […]