Update on Rosie’s Mom – – Mimose

Today we received the news that Mimose was breathing her last breaths. We decided to go to her house to see what we could do. I’m completely overwhelmed with emotions. The smell itself took my breath away – almost like the body was already rotting right in front of us. She’s nothing but a skelton with skin. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an ADULT who looks this bad in all my days here. I couldn’t even look at her without sobbing. I mean this is Rosie’s mom – she’s only 20 years old. I’m trying to think about how I will talk to Rosie when she asks me about her mom as she gets older. I could never tell her what I saw today. 

She wanted to see Rosie one last time – I told her there is just no way Rosie can come see her when she is this way. No one else in the house wanted me to bring Rosie down either. I did get the video camera where we had recorded Christmas a few days ago. I went back down and showed her Rosie opening up her presents. I think she was crying but she was too dehydrated to produce tears. She told me to please tell Rosie even though she wasn’t a good mother that she loved her so much and she is so happy that she has a new family to take care of her. She begged me not to let Rosie forget her. 

I asked her if she knew who Jesus was – if she remembered when she was baptized. She told me she remembered. I asked her if she had talked to God lately or prayed. She was very quiet. I explained how important it is for her to be in Heaven so she can see Rosie again. I explained how much God loved her and how He wants so desperately to have her in His home. I prayed with her and now all I can do is pray FOR her. 

I’m back at the mission right now. Someone thought something had happened to my family – I said – well – something kind of did happen to my “family”. She is Rosie’s biological mom – which makes her family. I called Jonas and we are preparing the casket today….it’s only a matter of time now- maybe hours…..




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  1. Jody,
    Thank you for letting us into your world. Thank you for allowing us to carry your burdens to OUR Lord.
    The pics of Rosie and her mom just make the whole thing real.
    Thank you for that.
    You continue to be in my prayers.
    Holy Hugs to you,
    Heidi Thomson

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