Christmas 2008

I was on IV’s until noon on Christmas Eve! Talk about God’s perfect timing! We enjoyed a great evening with the kids and Santa came Christmas Eve! I was glad Santa came early since I was kind of sick this morning!! All the kids were in the back bedroom with Eveline. Now the weird thing is this is the first time Santa brought Eveline gifts – which I never really thought about that before. She was just as excited as the other children. Santa ate their cookies and stomped out the door and yelled Merry Christmas. The excitement from the back room was crazy! The girls were screaming and jumping up and down – they wanted me to open that door so they could come out.

Well Gabriel was the first one to dart out! He was actually the hit of the night! Watching him play – it was so funny. We were given a train that was for all the kids but Gabriel ran to it first. Well he played on it for a good 20 minutes while the girls opened their gifts. When he went over to his pile one of the other girls jumped on the train. He popped right back up and ran over and was holding onto the caboose trying to stop the train. He was yelling at the girls to get off. 

Gigi was a lot of fun. She should have been born a fish – she loves water. We got her a sink that keeps recycling water but has a real faucet that runs. Well she played with that for forever. Her favorite gift though? The gift she fell asleep on the couch playing with – it was a witch’s broom with purple streamers! If you’re wondering why her shirt is off in the pics – it’s because before we could take a photo she had already dived into the sink full of water!

Eveline savored every gift she had. No question that her theme was High School Musical! She must have asked me four times – Did Santa really bring this for me? She even got teary-eyed – which made us teary-eyed. It was really precious. 

The kids stayed up till the wee hours of the morning – I think it was 3 AM before Gabriel fell asleep. It was okay because he slept in till 10:30 am!!! 🙂

Here are some pics of our very eventful night:

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  1. Baby Gaby come home to Lolo!!! Merry Christmas little family. Deej and I miss you very much. What a wonderful celebration!

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