Personal Stories

Malaya’s Candy Give-Away

So what do we tell groups when they come to Haiti – please don’t start handing out things in the middle of a crowd. Well we’re still showing movies and the kids are back in the courtyard again tonight. Malaya came up here and said that “the people” want candy. I told her we don’t have anymore candy to give out. So she left. The next thing I know Jose is telling me to come downstairs. Malaya only 3 feet tall has about 50 kids twice her size surrounding her. She took her candy that SANTA brought her and was passing it out – piece by piece – twizzler by twizzler – gold coin by gold coin. I asked her what she was doing and she said “SHARING IS CARING”. Someone taught my kids that this past summer and they never forgot!!

It was truly precious! I am just so blessed – more than I could ever imagine!

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