Malaya’s Candy Give-Away

So what do we tell groups when they come to Haiti – please don’t start handing out things in the middle of a crowd. Well we’re still showing movies and the kids are back in the courtyard again tonight. Malaya came up here and said that “the people” want candy. I told her we don’t have anymore candy to give out. So she left. The next thing I know Jose is telling me to come downstairs. Malaya only 3 feet tall has about 50 kids twice her size surrounding her. She took her candy that SANTA brought her and was passing it out – piece by piece – twizzler by twizzler – gold coin by gold coin. I asked her what she was doing and she said “SHARING IS CARING”. Someone taught my kids that this past summer and they never forgot!!

It was truly precious! I am just so blessed – more than I could ever imagine!


  1. Hey They learned that at Commercial Point VBS with Auntie Lolo!

  2. how funny, brings back memories of brewster on the roof throwing off tennis balls…

  3. Christy Wackerly says:

    That so funny! My kids get so sick of me saying that. Im glad that Malaya appreciates my saying!

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