I’ll be heading back to Haiti tomorrow! YEAH! I finally got cleared from my doctor and am so excited to be going home! Also – while I was gone – the boat came in with all our CHRISTMAS! How about that for a wonderful homecoming! They just brought  to the compound our Christmas crates, food and diaper crate, freezer of food, and kitchen cabinets! It will really feel like Christmas when I get home. I remember last year the crates came 2 days before Christmas! We were sweating it!

This is a very nice surprise to know everything is already there – actually by my house steps – and not stuck on a boat or held-up in customs. Of course our Christmas tree is already up but the compound has yet to be decorated. That will be one of the first things I do when I get home. I’ll make sure I post pictures!! I’m so excited to see my kids and friends! Please pray for safe travels tomorrow!! 

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