Jesus Prom

The Jesus Prom was held at Southland Christian Church on Friday November 14, 2008, from 6:30 pm to 10pm. Southland, and a local sponsor from Lexington (Geno’s Formal Wear), provided dresses and tuxedos for all men/women (prom guests).  There were over 1200 guests who attended this year. The Jesus Prom has a different theme every year…this years theme was “Crystal Clear”. Prom guests range from age 8 to 80 years of age!!!!


 What to expect as a Prom attendee….

-walk down a red carpet     -greeted and provided with a date for the night.

-receive a corsage               -hair and make-up done     -professional photography    

-a meal                                 -games                                -dancing!!!!!


Monica Reich helped Brewster McLeod with the Jesus Prom and I asked her what this night meant for her. Monica is a physical therapist who travels to Haiti several times a year.

This is from her heart:

You can’t put into words the blessing you receive in serving and loving the FORGOTTEN. This population (physically and mentally challenged) is so often misunderstood, judged, abandoned, mistreated, feared, etc…. The Jesus Prom is a night to celebrate this amazing group of people – Celebrate their life!!!!  It is an expression of REAL LOVE….JESUS’ LOVE.


How do you explain the beauty in loving and serving those who can only repay you with a smile, a touch, or a glance? They are a GIFT!!!!

The Jesus Prom, to me, is the closest thing to Heaven. To stand back and watch people serving and catering to the physically and mentally challenged, is to experience God’s love in its purest form. You can’t help but cry with joy when you see the smiles, hear the cries, hear the laughter, and truly see the joy in this group of people. 

Sadly, this night only happens once a year, and believe me, the countdown until the next prom starts the night the prom ends. In their minds, it’s only 364 more days until they are loved, served, honored, appreciated, acknowledged for who they are, not as someone different, but as God’s GIFT!

 This LOVE and ACCEPTANCE and ACKNOWLEDGMENT should occur 365 days a year!!!!!

Please take the time to serve and love the physically and mentally challenged…. In doing so, you’ll serve and love Jesus….

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