Eveline’s First Trip To The States

Some of you may remember Eveline – the girl that takes pictures of all the groups. We post those pictures online for friends/family to see. She also works part-time as one of our nannies. She mainly works with Gabriel – you’ve probably seen her taking pictures WHILE holding Gabriel! Obviously having 5 kids is a little overwhelming – especially when traveling. We thought we would apply for a visa to see if we could get her out so she could travel with us. She was approved a few months ago and so here we all are now – in the states!


She said her favorite part so far are the “moving” steps –the escalators. We are traveling to New York to visit Jose’s family. We started in Columbus, OH where our van was at and we are driving to New York. As we went “through” snow-covered mountains we saw Eveline crying in the back seat. I asked her what was wrong. She said never in her life did she think she would ever come here to the states. Never in her life did she think she would see so many beautiful things. Never in her life did she think God would bless her the way that He has.


It’s always amazing to see Americans when they first visit Haiti. It’s fun to live the experience through their eyes. Sometimes when you live in Haiti – you forget about all the “firsts”. Things that should shock you become so “every-day” that you almost become numb to it. I never realized the same thing could happen here in the states. Visiting the states through Eveline’s eyes has been quite the experience. I forgot how beautiful the snow-capped mountains are. I forgot how lucky we are to eat anytime we want, to have power all day long, to have roads that don’t break your tailbone, to have buildings that are so tall in the sky, to have such beautiful lights – both from big cities and from Christmas decorations.  

God continues to show me all the blessings He has given the States and Haiti! It’s easy sometimes to become numb to it – but I encourage you to notice all the beautiful things that surround you every day – especially those things that frustrate you. Thank God for that Cold Weather – makes us all snuggle together and rely on each other to get through the cold season! Thank God for the snow that covers the streets and brings joy to little kids that play in it! Thank God for the long line at the grocery – means you have a place to find food. Thank God for the traffic on your way to work –  means you and many others were blessed enough to have vehicles to get around in!!

God’s blessings are around us every day – so let us all fight together to not become so numb to it!!


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  1. Aww, I love her! I bet she’s having a great time and experiencing so many new things! Tell her I say hello. Miss you guys and I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

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