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Malaya’s Soccer Game

Malaya had her soccer game last Monday. I was going to blog about it but with the kids being so sick shortly after – I haven’t had a chance to really do it. I have to tell you that I laughed so hard I cried. While they were warming-up they had all the parents line their kids up in a row. The parent would throw the ball at their kid’s head so they could hit it with their forehead. Jose was the one who practiced with Malaya. 

So Jose throws the ball at her head and she just “takes” it. She just stands there while Jose keeps bouncing the ball off her head. When Jose would try to show her how to lean forward to hit it – she’d bend over like she’s bowing and the ball would go over her head. I mean all the parents were laughing at her. It just looked like Jose was beating her with the ball. Even Gabriel was laughing his head off every time the ball hit her.

My parents, Janeil and his kids, and most of our family came to watch her game. The game has no DEFENSE. They all run the field together! Malaya made two goals though! At the end she got a trophy. She kept saying all night – “I just can’t believe it. I can’t believe I WON and got a trophy!” Precious. 

Here are some pics: