Month: April 2009

Gigi is Sick..

It’s 5am and Gigi has had about 13 baths today. She is running a high fever and her body is limp. She is 8 years old and learned to walk last fall. Ever since she learned to walk – you can’t hold her down. She goes everywhere. That’s […]

I made it to 28 weeks!

I am so thankful for all your prayers. I spent the weekend with Jani – she was SO good taking care of me! I don’t think she let me get up for anything (except the bathroom). I am back at my parent’s house now. Jose and the kids […]

Up and Down…..Up and Down….

As I anticipated all of my Tropical Disease tests came back negative. I am a carrier for Malaria and TB but they are not affecting this pregnancy or my health. I know they were trying to help but that day of tests and invasive procedures – it still […]

Well…I’m A Mess!

God gave me a beautiful Easter day with my kids but around 4pm I had to go to the ER for going into labor. I was given meds to stop the labor. I’m 26 weeks – the babies only have a 40% chance of survival if I were […]