Month: May 2009


I am continuing to fight labor pains. ┬áThere are hours where I have nothing and then hours where they are 2-3 minutes apart. I finally saw MY high-risk doctor – not the one on call. He told me that it’s the nature of the doctor to hold on […]

Hospital Admission #14

I have been having labor pains all day long. I didn’t go right into the hospital because they weren’t consistent. This evening around 6pm – the contractions felt unbearable. So I thought tonight might be the night because I was told that if I went into labor now […]

Happy Anniversary To Me!

Jose and I were married 8 years ago today! Hard to believe it’s been that long. I remember how excited we were to have our wedding in Haiti. We had shipped over crates and crates of wedding decorations. We flew into Haiti a week early – just to […]

They Can Come Anytime….

I had a good doctor’s appointment this last go around. My labs were all within normal range. My blood pressure was low but higher than it was before. The babies are about 3lbs and I’ll be 32 weeks on Monday. The cervix length is almost completely gone. They […]

Malaya’s Graduation

Today was Malaya’s graduation from Woodford Christian Preschool. I have to tell you – she was SO precious! The kids performed on stage – they did pledges, memory verses, songs, and showed off a few things they had learned (days of the week, months, ABC’s). No joke – […]

Back Home…

After several long days – I am home. We were finally able to get the babies’ heart rates down. I was very low on potassium which can effect the heart. They pumped me full of that and lots of medications. I’m completely worn out – but will rest […]