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Same Thing – Again and Again and Again and Again…..

The mission has a new website that will be launched very soon. We’re all very excited about it. As part of the website – the staff can assign the blogs to categories and they will rotate on the homepage. All of us were asked to go through all the 2009 blogs so that when we do launch the new website – we will already have a lot of stories there. 

I decided there wasn’t any need to have anything related to this pregnancy in any of the categories because soon enough this will be finished. I had no idea how boring I was until I went through everything since January!! My goodness – is it even possible to NOT talk about being sick or pregnant? LOL! If I’ve blogged 50 times in the last few months there are only about 4 of them not related to pregnancy!! Wow – I REALLY need to get back to Haiti!!! 🙂

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