Happy Anniversary To Me!

Jose and I were married 8 years ago today! Hard to believe it’s been that long. I remember how excited we were to have our wedding in Haiti. We had shipped over crates and crates of wedding decorations. We flew into Haiti a week early – just to decorate. We graveled the mission courtyard for the first time. We had the wedding outside and the stage was set in front of the old Miriam Center building. That long yellow building had silver material draped all along the front. We then had white/pink lights that were wrapped in tulle and hung in front of the silver material. The whole courtyard was covered in white lights and candles. We had an arch filled with flowers and lights that  we walked under when we went down the aisle. There were 1000 folded chairs placed around the stage. Every seat filled – and more people on the tops of surrounding buildings. 

The invitations all said we would start at 4pm! We actually weren’t planning to start until 6:00 – and just as predicted – around 5:30 everyone showed up! I had the poorest (Crazy Old Binaca) and the richest (Ship Owner Oress) as bridesmaids and groomsmen. We had a tuxedo place donate 30 tuxedos for the wedding – and all the ushers and groomsmen had one. There were 5 little flower girls and 2 ring bearers. The bridesmaids wore shimmery silver dresses with pink sequence wraps – VERY HAITIAN!  

We had a Haitian Calypso Band playing while guests arrived and at the reception. We had two processionals – one with the bridal party – and one that was a half hour later with me and the flower girls. Jose had taken rose petals and covered the aisle with them before I marched down. Using this event as an opportunity to talk about Christ – Brewster McLeod preached in between our two processionals. The fireworks shot off when Brewseter pronounced us husband and wife and the crowd went crazy when we finally kissed!

The reception had disco balls and tons of lights. The tables of food went on for what seemed like a mile. It was my dream for everyone to eat that night and go home full. We ate, danced, and celebrated this special night with all our Haitian brothers and sisters. We spent our honeymoon night in the surgery center!! There were lights hung from IV poles, a stethoscope laid on the gurney,  and…..well….maybe that’s enough details for now!! 🙂

Here we are 8 years later – and soon we will have 7 kids. That’s almost a kid per year! Just as sweet and loving as Jose was 8 years ago – here he is today – helping me get out of bed, bringing me a cold rag to help my nausea, taking the kids out of the room so I can rest some, bringing me cold water without me asking, and surprising me with a gift even though we have no extra money right now. The thing is – he doesn’t do this because today is our anniversary. Jose is this way 24 hours a day – -365 days a year. I never in my life thought I would find someone who could love me like he does. I’m not the easiest person – you know!! LOL! 

Why God would bless me with such an unbelievable husband – I’ll never know. But whether I’m having a good day or a bad day – there is no one I’d rather be with. As far as I’m concerned – there isn’t a better husband, father, or man of God – – than my man! I can’t help but Praise God for the blessing He has given me in Jose.

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  1. I wanna see some pictures from your wedding! It sounds like it was something else. I hope you and Jose have many, many more years of being husband and wife. Being married to your soulmate is the best there is.

    Love ya,
    Tracy and Frank

  2. late but… congratulations jody and hosea, may God give you MANY more. Thank you both for all you do for the kingdom!!!!!

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