They Can Come Anytime….

I had a good doctor’s appointment this last go around. My labs were all within normal range. My blood pressure was low but higher than it was before. The babies are about 3lbs and I’ll be 32 weeks on Monday. The cervix length is almost completely gone. They told me if I go into labor now – they won’t stop it. The babies are breech and they’re about 98% sure I will have to have a c-section. 

I have to be honest – I’m very scared. I have nightmares thinking about the delivery. I had a horrible epidural with Gabriel. My blood pressure was stroke level with his delivery. I got a spinal headache from the epidural and basically had natural childbirth. I’m EXTREMELY nervous about getting another epidural and just about the whole delivery in general. So if I could ask for prayers – please pray for my nerves right now. Pray that I can find peace and God will give me the strength I need  – right when I need it.

I can’t hardly believe we’ve made it this long. It wasn’t but a month ago I was fighting labor and the babies might not have made it. I know God answers prayers because there is no way we made it this far on our own. Don’t give up on us yet – – we’re almost there!

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  1. I am on it girl! Just trust God for the strength and courage that you need, He will supply it! I am proud of you for hanging in there through everything – you are almost there! You can do this! Praying for you, Jose and the babies.

    Love ya tons!

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