I am continuing to fight labor pains.  There are hours where I have nothing and then hours where they are 2-3 minutes apart. I finally saw MY high-risk doctor – not the one on call. He told me that it’s the nature of the doctor to hold on to every single day that they can. So even though he told me 32 weeks was the goal – his new goal is simply every day we can keep them in. He said his ultimate goal is to keep them out of the NICU. 

He decided to go ahead and measure them just so we know what we’re looking at if we have to deliver soon. To ALL OF OUR SURPRISE – the babies are huge! I actually lost 4lbs this past week from being so sick. We thought perhaps the babies would have dropped some too. NOPE! One baby is 4lbs 11oz and the other one just under 5lbs! So I’m carrying 9lbs of baby, 2 placentas, and of course all the water they swim in. The doctor told me – no wonder you are so miserable! (yeah – no joke!)

The babies have managed to switch positions which also surprised us because they were both sitting upright – breech. Now we have one baby laying sideways and the other one sitting on top of him. They are making an upside down “T”.  The doctor said he didn’t even think it was possible for that to happen with them being that big!

The biggest problem I’m facing right now (health-wise) is that my blood pressure is dangerously low. The low blood pressure is causing me to have a high heart rate. The contraction medications are contributing to this problem. They said it’s a balancing act of trying to make sure I’m healthy – but still keeping the babies in as long as they can. If my contractions would just let up some – then they could pull back the dosage and hopefully keep my blood pressure from bottoming out. BUT – the contractions will not stop unless I’m on the medication. We’ve already tried to decrease the dosage but they come back stronger and closer together each time.

The babies are VERY HEALTHY! It always amazes me – as many problems as I have – the babies continue to thrive. My momma said that God has His hands upon them! It seems to be true! 

Still worried about how all of this is going to play out. I’m scared to “have” them and yet I know the anticipation of having them is much worse than the act itself. I appreciate the prayers. There are days where depression sets in and sometimes I feel like we’re fighting this all alone. But before the thoughts can truly race through my mind – I find a note, a comment, an email, a card – reminding me that we are being prayed for and loved! Thank you so much for rallying behind us. This has to be as long of a pregnancy for you as it is for us! We’ve managed to drag out all the drama just about the entire pregnancy! I think we are ALL ready for a happy ending already!

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  1. you hang in there girl. Those babies are going to come in to this world exactly when they are supposed to. It is all in His plan.
    Always in my prayers

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