Summer Has Officially Begun At the Mission….

Today all the interns flew up north to begin their training to prepare for the summer groups. I can’t believe it’s already June and the first group will arrive at the end of the week. There is a certain amount of excitement and yet a certain amount of sadness too. I’m so excited for everyone who is in Haiti right now and the adventure that is getting ready to unfold – – – BUT – – I’m sad I’m not one of the ones there with them 🙁

Having been out since January – it feels more like a year since I’ve been home. That’s really hard to be away from your home that long. Think about when you go on vacation – you’re so excited but come that last day or so – you’re ready to be back in your own bed. That’s how we feel. Malaya asks every day when we are going back home. I think all of us are ready but Mikela. She still really enjoys all the “perks” the states has to offer. Friday is her last day of school.

I’m still hanging in there – but very miserable. I keep praying the doctors will go ahead and take the babies. Every day I fight contractions and back-labor pains. I’m pretty “tired of it” all! The days feel like FOREVER! Soon enough……soon enough.

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