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Pregnancy Lullaby…..

First – thank you for the posts and the emails about Fear/Anxiety. I have picked up a lot of great heart-felt advice. Thank you for sharing your personal stories and victories over fear and how I might find peace. While I’m still pretty nervous – I do feel like “I CAN DO IT” and I didn’t feel that way before. Words cannot express how grateful I am.

After spending all day at the hospital in labor – doctors debating whether they would let me deliver – – they stopped it 7 hours later. My mind is not in a good place. This poem not quite like –  Scared Little Child…… 🙂

Lullaby – – – and good night,
If you’re pregnant – yeah right.

There’s no sleep for any of us,
I’m so big – I’m about to bust.

We can thank our precious Eve,
Because of her – I cannot breathe!

There are times I want to forget,
Not likely – babies poking my hip.

When oh when will they come out?
I’m so miserable I want to shout.

My doctors are forcing me to keep them in,
Being this pregnant – should be a sin.

I think I pee 10 times an hour,
I black-out every time I shower.

My feet are huge and beginning to swell,
I am larger than a great white whale.

My belly is HUGE and really, really tight,
Can you tell – I think pregnancy bites!

Not to worry it won’t happen again.
I have decided to swear off men!

Poor Jose – i think he’s starting to cry,
He can’t win – not matter how hard he tries.