Well…I’m A Mess!

God gave me a beautiful Easter day with my kids but around 4pm I had to go to the ER for going into labor. I was given meds to stop the labor. I’m 26 weeks – the babies only have a 40% chance of survival if I were to deliver. I saw many doctors today and I don’t agree with most of them. Several of them think I have a CHRONIC TROPICAL DISEASE – like I’m still carrying a malaria bug even though I”m not acutely sick. They think I just have it in my system and it’s making me sick. Someone else thinks I have worms in my brain. It’s been a nightmare with all of the tests I’ve had to have – especially now that the infectious disease doctors are involved. I was poked with needles 18 times today trying to draw tubes and tubes of blood. They cathed me and have done other invasive tests – all which have left me feeling numb inside.

They told me that they want to keep me now for two weeks as the next two weeks are critical – every day the babies are in the womb – they increase their chance of survival by 3%. They are talking about inducing me in two weeks which means the babies will be 28 weeks old and will spend a long time in the NICU and will more than likely have lung issues.

I’m a complete mess – just a complete mess. I’m afraid for the babies and I’m just so tired…..so tired of all of this medical drama. I think I’ve cried non-stop today. Please pray for my little boys – for my saniety – and for Jose who is having to be so strong during all of this….

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  1. Jose and Jody,

    Our hearts are heavy after reading your message. We shall pray and pray
    for Jody and her babies, that she may find the correct diagnosis for her problems and return to good health, so she can care for her family.

    Jose, we know your burden is heavy. Keep in
    mind all in the mission are there with you in prayer.

  2. You know we are all praying for you day after day! Remember poor old Job and that you have access to the same God! He will see you through in his perfect will and timing! Love and prayers for all of you!

  3. Jody & Jose,
    You are in my prayers. Many people at S. Lansing C.C. are praying for you also. Hang in there & trust Him with the babies lives.

  4. Jody and Jose,
    Try to rest in the peace that our Heavenly Father has everything under control and He will not give you more than you can bear. We are praying for good health for you, Jody, and the babies. We are also praying for peace, strength, and courage for you, Jose and the rest of the family. Let God lead you through the next several months, lean on Him hard and don’t give up!
    We love you!
    Tracy, Frank and Weller family

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