The In-Laws Meet the Babies!

We got clearance from their doctor to make the trip to New York so Jose’s family could meet Levi and Asher. We decided to make it a family trip and so we drove for two very long days!! It was quite the adventure.

Today we took the girls and momma Gigi to see the Statue of Liberty. We were trying to explain to Momma Gigi what that was. We told her it was a large green lady and we could climb on her and see the whole city. Malaya said she didn’t think that was very nice to climb on top of a lady and Mikela wanted to know what she ate to make her green! I think they were a little disappointed when we go there today and realized it was more like a building. I think they thought it was something you’d pay a dollar for at the carnival – SEE THE SPIDER WITH THE HUMAN HEAD – – that sort of thing.

Jose’s sister, Nora, kept the boys including Gabriel overnight last night. I don’t know when I’ve slept so good!! It’s been the first time in months that I really feel rested. Probably a good thing because we have the boys back tonight!

It’s so amazing to see their little personalities. Asher is very low-key. He likes to snuggle in his blanket and outside of crying to eat – he’s a very happy baby. Levi is very fidgety. Even when he’s asleep he moves around a lot. He will cry and cry for you to pick him up. Once his head hits your arm – he’s sound asleep.

We truly feel blessed. God has always protected our family and when you see so many tragedies on the news – – it’s really a miracle if your family is together and healthy. Looking at the back of our van – all the kids sound asleep – thinking about what backgrounds they’ve all come from – surviving tetanus, rubella, severe malnutrition, weeks in the NICU – – -it’s just amazing that here we all are – together – healthy – happy – and one BIG family!!

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  1. Thank you for bringing the babiesn for us to see them, it was certainly very nice to have you guys over.

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