Missing Jose and Gigi….

We dropped Jose and Gigi off in Cincinnati at the hotel so they could fly out first thing that next morning. My sister took the rest of the kids (except the twins) just so it would be easier on me this week with the babies. Seeing Jose push little Gigi in her wheel chair – her little doll in her lap and looking so grown-up….it was very emotional.

Walking back into the quiet house – I was really sad. Mom and I both just cried. I’m used to hearing Gigi holler and laugh while I’m up late with the babies. I’m used to seeing Gigi walk around and close every single door (including cabinet doors)! She hates an open door! I’m used to going into the bathroom and finding Gigi swimming in the tub – no matter what time of day – even if it’s her 12th bath that day.

Seeing Gigi walk up and down the steps carrying her little doll – staring at her hand – listening to her loud belly laughs – bouncing on our bed – I just miss my little girl!!

When Gigi first learned to walk the entire compound broke out in song and claps! They celebrated that huge milestone right along with us. I can’t wait for her Haitian friends to see her. Muleon (who kind of runs the upstairs and does security in the group eating area) has become Gigi’s good friend. They always sit together every morning after breakfast. I know he will be shocked to see how much she’s grown and how much more she can do.

Jose takes such good care of all of us – when he’s gone it feels like there is such a huge hole…..

I know these emotions are all just part of it – closing this very long chapter. Don’t get me wrong – I’m happy to close this book and put it on a shelf way out of reach!! It’s just that there has been so much drama the last several months…and it’s still a little emotional thinking back through all the scares we had.

I’m counting down the days until I can be home…..

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