My Walk With God..

God asked me to take a walk with Him,
Our first in a very long time.
I asked Him if He could wait just a minute,
He frowned and said that was fine.

An hour flew right on by,
I told Him I’d be there when I can.
He looked at me and shook His head,
Then He grabbed me by the hand.

He told me He was patient,
And He would wait for me all day.
But I began to stop and wonder,
Is God waiting on ME okay?

I told Him about how life had been,
All the things I still had to do.
He told me – He knows everything,
Though my talks with Him are few.

He sat quietly and listened,
To all I had to say.
Then He reached His arms out to me,
Said He misses me each day.

So many of His children are
Consumed with the day to day.
We forget that God is waiting for us,
Letting little things get in the way.

He often hurts and bleeds real tears –
Misses us with all His heart.
He’s not asking for the entire day,
Simply to make Him feel apart.

I began to cry as I started my walk,
The walk back to my home.
No matter how busy I think I am,
I must make time for God and I -alone.


  1. Beautiful 🙂
    Is it ok if i share this on my blog.. Ofcourse with the link of this page ???
    Do reply..

  2. castilloavektimoun says:

    Sure! Thanks for asking!

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