Wrapping Up Our NY Trip…

It’s always bittersweet visiting Jose’s family. Just around the time that the kids are adjusted and starting to really feel comfortable – it’s time for us to go. It’s so hard saying good-bye… especially when we know it will be months before we see them again.

Tomorrow Asher has an appointment with the urologist. I had mentioned during the pregnancy that he had urine in his kidneys which normally goes away on its own once the baby is born. So far it hasn’t. One of his kidneys is enlarged still and the doctors will continue to monitor it and decide if surgery is necessary.

Jose and Gigi are getting ready to head back to Haiti. My sister is going to keep Gabriel and some of the girls since I’ll be pulling the night shift alone. Jose and I have our system down at night. He has one baby and I have the other one. When one of the babies wakes up – he’ll look and say – – “My baby is sleeping – your baby is the one crying!” LOL! Hey – it works for us. We switch up which baby we get every night and it allows us to sleep a little better this way.

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