We Are The World….

Love the new version of this and how they incorporate Haiti into it.


  1. Tracy Weller says:

    Kij an yo di “We are the World” an Kreyol?

  2. Tracy Weller says:

    not sure if I wrote that right, but I tried and I cried through the entire song.

  3. Sadonna Myers says:

    Wow. I am awestruck to see this, as it transports my heart right back there to Haiti, where I have seen those children with the imploring eyes. How can we NOT reach out to help them?? We are a part of them, as they are a part of us. Praise God for this video, all those who worked on it, & especially the great harvest of help that it will inspire. It will bring many good Bon Jou (days) & Bon Soir (nights) to them. Praise Jezi! Please know that the suffering is in the WHOLE nation of Haiti, not just in Port au Prince. The damage has gone for many miles, causing destruction way up to the northern reaches, & near the mission where I served in St. Louis du Nord. Refugees are seeking food, water & medical help as they are now reaching out to the northern villages for help. Most have nothing more than what is on their backs. Let’s show the power of love & prayer as the whole world extends to them the help to heal. Now is the time.

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