Bumps In the Road – Can Still Lead You Home…

We have been overwhelmed with Asher’s illness. The latest drama includes a possible diagnosis of Tubular Sclerosis. This is a genetic disorder where cysts develop on your organs – brain, heart, kidney, lungs, etc. He already has two cysts on his brain. When we were in the hospital they used this special black light and saw white patches of skin discoloration. Asher has a white square birthmark under his arm. It looks like a little square to the naked eye.  Under the light it goes up  half of his arm. There’s a huge spectrum with this illness – some people never even know they have it while others are severely effected by it. Often seizures is a first complaint. Researching it does nothing for my nerves. I don’t think researching any illness no matter what it is  – is good for your nerves. It’s always scarier than the reality.

We have groups working in the Mole this last week of July. Beth, our homeschool teacher, flies into Haiti the last day of this month. With all we have going on – you’d think I’d be too busy to worry about the fact that everyone is in Haiti but us! But  – No! I’m homesick.  When anyone gets sick in our family – be it my children or myself – my first worry is always – what can we do to make them better?  My 2nd worry is always -what does this mean for us in Haiti?

I try to remind myself daily that He’s in control and is calling all the shots. That bumps in the road don’t mean the road doesn’t lead back home. But today I really miss the ministry in the Mole. I have so many things I want to do there for Him and for the people. God is teaching me patience whether I want to be taught it or not! Thanks again for all the love and prayers.

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  1. Dear Jody and Jose:

    I am overwhelmed with the thoughts you must be experiencing at this moment in your child’s life. Words do not come easy at this time. I am continously in prayer for you and am willing to share your story…please know that you are being lifted up around the world. The two of you are awesome parents and whatever God deals you, you handle with such passion.
    Walking in Sonshine

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