NW_Personal Ministry Update

Ready For Revival…

Just got off the phone with Magdala and we are READY for revival!! On September 19th we will host a 4-day women’s conference in the Mole! This will be the kick-off to officially start our Mole Women’s Ministry. We will hold several workshops throughout each of the 4 days.

We will have a special speaker brought in for the first night. I will be speaking for two of the main evening sessions, and Magdala will speak at the other. It’s been so much fun brainstorming with Magdala and Momma Gigi about how we can really start an effective ministry out there.

Please pray that He will reveal clearly the areas He wants us to touch on – the topics He wants us to gear towards. Please begin praying for the women in the Mole. Pray that their hearts will be open to receiving His Word! This will be the first time this village has ever had a conference geared specifically for women. God has laid them so heavily on all our hearts and we are SO READY to respond and be the face, hands, and feet of Jesus!


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