Hearing His Voice In The Silence Of My Heart…

“Be still and know that I am God”.

As I have been studying the Word – trying to prepare for the Women’s Conference in Haiti – He has really been speaking to my heart. What I’m realizing is that I cannot hear Him in the midst of  the noise and the thunder of the world.  I find myself asking – do I love him enough?  to be silent enough?  To be still enough? To let go of everything? To follow Him through total surrender in obedience?

You see – I don’t want to talk to the women in the Mole about their hearts  – if mine is not as it should be.

From the Cross, Jesus cries out,  “I thirst”. His thirst was for souls – even as He hung there – dying alone – despised. Who will bring those souls to Him? to satiate the thirst of an undying love?

I must monitor and keep the silence of the heart with greater care. So that in the silence I can hear His words. I will rid myself of self – so that in the fullness of HIM I can comfort Jesus –  in the distressing disguise of the poor, hungry, and unloved.

Mary pondered His words in her heart. We too  – like her  – must learn that silence will enable us to ponder His words in our hearts and so grow in love. We cannot love nor serve unless we learn to ponder in our hearts. Knowledge of Christ AND seeing Him in the poor –  will lead us to personal love. This love only can become our light and joy  – in cheerful service to each other.

The fruit of silence is prayer. The fruit of prayer is faith. The fruit of faith is love. The fruit of love is service. The fruit of service is peace.  – Mother Teresa

You see – it all began with silence. If we are hungry to hear the voice of God – we’ll hear it. We have to cut out everything else though to hear it. We have to be willing to sacrifice who we are – for what we might become.

For me – it means sacrificing my nosiness of other people’s lives so that I can spend that time in silence. It means closing my ears to things I should not hear – so my heart will not be able to absorb anything else but Him. It means holding my tongue and not claiming my rights. It means quenching the thirst of a Father who cries out to the lost.

It  means –

“Jody Castillo –  be silent for I have much to say to you. Search Me and you’ll find the answers you need. Rid yourself of the noise around you. That peace that we all long for – it starts in the stillness and the silence of your heart. Are you hearing what I want to say to you today? I have so much to share. Jody – are you there?” – Your Thirsty, Peace-giving, Full of Mercy and Grace, Loving, – Father in Heaven.

3 responses to “Hearing His Voice In The Silence Of My Heart…”

  1. Your heart speaks to mine. Thank you for being so honest with what it means to keep the silence and stillness in our lives. I am nosey too and see how better spent my time could be!! Praying and striving to give my best right there with you!!

  2. Again and again you speak right to me. You share the depths of heart so freely with us. I so admire your willingness to put your struggles right out there. I tell people all the time- that Jody just keeps it real! Love you for that!

  3. I have this little bee sticker that is stuck to my dash so every morning when I get in the car I see it and remember to be still and start my day with God and not the crazy busy world we live in. It is so hard sometimes to be still and let him lead us when we want it our way. Thanks for all the times you write what I am feeling or need to hear. I hope you know how often you and NWHCM are prayed for.

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