Our Little Girls and Their Big God…

I really want my girls to thirst after Jesus – just like He thirsts for them. So a while back we started doing prayer journals. Every night we sit together and talk about what we did that day. We list all the things we’re thankful for. If we went swimming – then we’re thankful we went swimming. If we got to drink a Sprite that day – then we’re thankful for the Sprite. We try to name as much detail as we can.

Since the girls are still learning to write – I have to make the list and then they pick and choose off the list and copy it onto their notebooks. I love  how excited they are to pray. As soon as it’s dark outside – I have three girls begging me to help them with their prayer journals. I love it!

Sunday night I was able to participate in this conversation with the girls during our Journaling time:

Mikela said: We need to list things we need help with too. Not just things we’re thankful for. He’s a big God and needs to help us.
Malaya said: Well I need patience. I already know that. You tell me that every day. So how you write Patience?
Rosie said: Well Mikela needs to learn to listen.
Mommy said: But what does Rosie need help with?
Rosie said: I need help to not be afraid.
Mikela said: I KNOW I need help listening.
Rosie said: So how we write that for Jesus to see it?

Don’t you wish we all were just so open with what we need help with? That we could write all our faults in a place where Jesus could see it?  Yes – He knows everything already. But what if we didn’t make him have to look for it but just put it right there in front of His eyes?

Rosie is 6 years old and is a little behind for her age. Having tetanus, cerebral malaria, and typhoid  – all as a little baby – we were never sure what exactly we should expect from her. She has Sensory Overload Disorder on top of it. Our Homeschool teacher – Beth – has really made huge strides with her over the past year. This is a picture of her little journal:


Yesterday the girls were especially precious to me. The three of them came to Jose and I and told us they had something important to talk about. Normally when they do that  – it’s to tell us they want to go to Nana’s house or they want something they saw on TV. But today was different. They NEEDED Bibles. Now I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought them Bibles and they’ve lost them. But they told me that it’s important to read God’s Word everyday. They were very serious! So yesterday we headed to Lifeway Bookstore to pick out Bibles.

Rosie and Mikela were outside playing yesterday afternoon. But Malaya had decided to play in her room. So Jose went upstairs to check on her and found her sitting on her bed with her Bible open. Malaya is 5 years old. Jose asked her how she was reading it and she responded – “I’m just reading it in my mind”. So Jose asked her if she wanted Him to read some with her? Yes! So Jose wanted to start with the first page but Malaya said she’d already read that page in her mind and was on page 47!! LOL!

If Malaya has asked us once – she’s asked us 20 times to sit down and read her Bible with her. She gets so excited when we take 5 minutes out to read one of the Chapters. She asks us questions when she doesn’t understand and copies down verses that she really likes.

It’s been such a joy for Jose and I to watch the excitement our girls have when they talk about Jesus. I love their innocence and willingness to give up playtime  – to make time for Him. They continue to teach Jose and I everyday. We are so very blessed  – so very, very blessed.

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  1. Yes, you are very blessed. I remember those precious days in our home. My girls are grown-up now. They read your blog too. Give Rosie lots of extra hugs from us. She’s a miracle child.

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