At 4am today we had our first prayer service. We challenged everyone last night at the conference to come to the town square at 4am to pray for the Mole! There were hundreds of people this morning! They were on their knees -hands in the air –  praying loudly – for over an hour! Indeed – Revival has broken out in the Mole!

I wasn’t sure with all the rain whether or not people would show up today for the seminar! But we had more women today then we did yesterday!!

Diane Cornelius talked first today. She had a broken cup and a regular cup. She explained that God can take us in our broken place with all our broken pieces and make us whole again. He glues our parts back together with His love, His grace, and His mercy!

The next speaker spoke about patience. That God has a plan for our life! If you think there is no way out of your current situation – lean on Him for understanding. Wait upon the Lord and He will answer you. Continue to have faith even when you feel there is nothing left to give. Pray for strength and He’ll give it to you – each and every day.

Because of the rain we moved the conference inside. I thought there would be less people. WRONG AGAIN! The shelter was packed from front to back. It was standing room only!! I mean crowded like opening night to Jonas Brothers! When it was time to start singing and dancing – you never seen a crazier bunch of Christians! I could have sworn some of them were dancing in mid-air! Jean Claude had come to visit us and he was getting his spiritual groove on! It was kind of funny! I love the way they praise the Lord here – there is truly nothing like it – NOTHING!

Today is a day that I will never forget.  Elirose is Momma Gigi’s sister (or Gigi’s Aunt). Elirose has worked for me for about 4 years. She is not a Christian. She hasn’t shown much interest in our ways – but she’s a good lady! So I brought her family out here to the Mole with me. The staff has been praying for her since our move here in June.

She has been coming to the conference every day. Magdala, our St. Louis du Nord ladies, and some of our staff went to call on her at her house during our dinner break. A very teary-eyed staff embraced her as she told us God has been speaking to her this week and she wants to accept Christ! We will baptize her this Sunday! Tears flow down my cheeks even as I type right now! There is a dance of jubilee tonight in the employee homes – for we have a new sister in Christ!


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