Voice Of Angels…

There are a lot of things in Haiti that can wake you up from a beautiful dream. For the most part – it’s dogs barking or a rooster crowing! But this morning around 4:30am  – I woke up to the loveliest voices you’ve ever heard!

Another 4am prayer service took place this morning at the town square. The Beautiful Mole Women then came to our home and prayed over it and everyone in it! Then they broke out in song! I feel so honored and humbled by them. Here we are trying to change their lives and every day this week they’ve changed mine!


Right now we have a two-hour break but I had to share with you all that has happened this morning! Diane Cornelius (known as the Wedding Lady to all of us here in Haiti) shared her heart this morning. She brought wedding decorations and a beautiful wedding dress. She explained to the women that Christ wants us to be his bride. That he wants to love us unconditionally. But that He is a jealous God and wants us to put Him first above all else. Her speech was so heart-moving. Many of the women were in tears. She challenged everyone to accept Christ. She asked  – Has anyone already accepted Christ but forgot that love you had for Him that day you were baptized? Many people stood up. As she continued to challenge people to remember their first love – more and more people stood up. 200 people rededicated their lives to Christ this morning and “vowed” to serve Him and only Him. To put Him above all others. To make Him first in their life.

After they made that promise out loud to God – she gave them each a ring to symbolize that promise.  It was such a beautiful service. Makes me teary-eyed now. The women took their promise very seriously. I LOVE – LOVE-  LOVE these ladies!!

Pastor Jean Claude shared during the second part of the service today! I wasn’t able to hear everything he talked about because we were talking to a few women who came forward to be baptized. We plan on baptizing those who’ve come forward each night  – today! I can’t wait to welcome them as my sisters in Christ!

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