Wow – what a way to end a beautiful conference! I can’t even explain all that happened today.

I had already explained that Diane and Jean Claude spoke this morning. This afternoon Beth spoke about knowing God as Father. We know Him as so many other things – our Deliverer, Healer, Comforter, Savior – – but He’s also our Papa. Maybe they don’t know who their father was  – or their dad was mean to them – so they don’t understand a Father’s undying love. But Beth really explained to them what love He has for His daughters.

Jean Claude spoke again after Beth’s speech. Then we all went to the ocean and baptized some of those that had come forward this week! Imagine my surprise when not only Elirose (who’s in the red down below) but Mme Selony (who is in the white) came forward to be baptized as well!! Mme Selony is the cook from St. Louis that we brought with us. She is the lady who lost her husband around Thanksgiving last year! What a celebration Indeed!


The conference ended tonight! There was so much singing, dancing, and even a few skits! Tonight I spoke about Voodoo. I told the story of the Citadel Church – how the voodoo people came to make a large sacrifice on the land that the church sits on now. That women and children sang the name of Jesus – Magdala’s brother in-law preached a sermon and in frustration the voodoo people walked off the property! No one had ever stood up to them before. The next Sunday the church was packed. People wanted to know about the Jesus who was more powerful than satan. They wanted to know about the Jesus who makes the voodoo people walk away.

I told them they spent these last 4 days learning about that very Jesus. I don’t understand voodoo. You have to go to a temple – or up a mountain – you pray to a doll or things that aren’t even real! But Jesus is alive! Jesus is everywhere. We don’t have to search Him out – He meets us down right where we are.

I ended telling them that my fear is that they will leave this convention – knowing how wonderful our God is – but forget to tell their neighbors. What a tragedy if God put their neighbor beside them – hoping that they would tell them about Christ. If our neighbor doesn’t know Christ and he dies tomorrow – is that our fault for never telling Him that there is a Heaven – a place where there is no more tears?

Then I got down on my knees and said – – We spend so much time on our knees for the things we’ve done wrong – for the gossip, lies, or bad attitudes that we have. BUT –  don’t spend on more minute on your knees for the things you “didn’t” do!  For not being His personal assistant. For not forgiving others. For not telling others about His love, grace, and mercy.


I can’t tell you what a blessing this week has been for me. My first time being responsible for a conference – and I couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of women to lead it or to participate in it! Spending this week with Beth, Diane, and my mom – wow – so much fun! I am so unworthy of Him and yet He finds reason to use me. I prayed this week hearts would be changed – – I never dreamed mine would be one of them!

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