They Want To Believe…

I’m sitting in Marouge right now watching the teams go hut to hut. On the bumpy ride here God gave me these words….

You sing I can only imagine – but we simply cannot.
You worship Jesus but that’s not what we were taught.

You talk of mansions and streets made of Gold?
We live in straw huts – our roads full of pot holes.

You say “Jesus loves you with all of His heart”.
Yet Malaria & Malnutrition tore my family apart.

You tell me He cares and He’s always with me.
Yet I’m beaten and broken – just where IS He?

No, I’m sorry. I simply just don’t believe.
This Jesus you worship has done nothing for me.

“Wait” you yell. Please don’t close my door?
Is there something else? Do you have more?

You tell me there’s a place where there are no tears?
That our hunger and thirst will completely disappear?

That God understands every time that I cry?
That He put His only son on a cross to die?

This sacrifice He made – He did it just for me?
I don’t understand how can this be?

Mercy and grace He offers freely?
Love and peace? Are you serious? Really?

If I want – you’re saying He’ll walk with me?
No longer abandoned? I’m starting to see.

So Jesus was hurt just like me?
He too –  was broken and beat?

He knows my suffering and freely forgives?
If I open my heart – He’ll come there to live?

Wow! All of this is news to me.
I hear what you’re saying – I want to believe.


Will YOU come and join forces with me?
Because that my friends is called planting a seed.
Our family and staff can’t do it alone.
We must hurry….. before He calls us all home.

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