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Not What I was Expecting…

Today I write you from the University of Kentucky Hospital. On Tuesday Asher and I flew out of Haiti where he was directly admitted to the 4th floor. He has had seizures now 3-4 times/day since a week ago Monday. It has been an overwhelming few days to […]

Battle At The Mole…

I had written earlier this week that my family would be heading to the mole to purchase the land. We were hoping to do this on Saturday. However, the rivers were up due to the rain and we weren’t able to go. So on Monday we left with […]

Satan, Ou Pedi Batay

I knew when we started this journey of helping this tent city that it wouldn’t be easy. If it were – everybody would be doing it. The little boy in the red shirt led me to a zone right in the heart of Port-au-Prince. Across from the palace […]

Jose Is Home….

I was upstairs in the group eating area with Melonnie when the truck came through the gates. I ran down the steps and so happily hugged my husband. After sharing some tears together the girls joined in right behind me. Our family was together. How many others could […]