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Group has arrived in good spirits?

While all summer groups have done so well with the long bus rides…..this team has stood out just a little bit! The group has arrived safely and were in such great spirits! After a LONG bus ride, they’re covered in dirt, tired, hungry, and yet before they even think of showers or claiming beds, they’re sorting through all their bags so they can be ready for their trips tomorrow. They’re smiling and laughing when most groups are so tired and overwhelmed upon arrival. 

We have one group getting ready to leave tomorrow to do a big dedication service out in Sylines Myette. This will be where the new orphanage is being planted. They’ll be gone for three days and everyone is so excited. There will be a huge dinner out there as part of the celebration too.

Another group is sorting through bags, looking for their VBS material for their trip to Tortuga. I can’t imagine getting on a boat tomorrow after two days of travel. The tables are covered in donated meds and supplies. It’s a small group – yet they are jammed pack full of activities for their 10 days here. 

Thanks for all the emails of encouragement and support. I’ve been a little overwhelmed the last two days (as if you couldn’t tell). But the group has brought in some fresh life and they’re so ready to minister to the mountain that is has turned my frown – upside down! Haiti is full of ups and downs……and today I’m back on the upswing of life!