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Prayer Request…..

It’s with a heavy heart that I ask for a special prayer request for my family. On Sunday, my health took a turn that scared me and everyone else. Randomly, my arm started shaking. No matter what we tried to do to stop it – it wouldn’t stop. I was very dizzy and became a little confused. My sugar was in the 50’s, my heart rate was in the 50’s and my blood pressure was high. I was helped over to the house and put on IV’s and my arm continued to shake along with my leg. For 12 hours my arm shook even though I slept. It continues to shake from time to time. I’ve had some chest pain off and on now for a few days and my head is still pounding. Despite eating and doing our best to keep the sugar level up – I cannot seem to raise my level.

After talking to a few of my medical friends and doctors in the states – they’ve advised me to leave right away. We’re not sure if it’s a neurological problem. My strength is not the same on my right side as my left side. My speech is somewhat slowed – it takes me a while to get out what I want to say. 

My entire family is heading to the states tomorrow. Please keep us in your prayers. I feel very guilty for leaving when we have a large group arriving in Haiti this weekend. However – I can’t ignore my body – especially since it’s doing such weird things. We plan to go to the ER in Kentucky. We don’t have insurance but hopefully we’re poor enough that we can get some government aid. I’m told I’ll need a CAT scan, MRI, and EKG. Those things alone make me very nervous and even as I type my hand is beginning to shake again. 

So please keep us in your prayers along with those still in Haiti. This is a large group and while I know they are perfectly fine without me – I absolutely hate it that I can’t be here. So please pray that I’ll have peace, that we’ll have safe travels (we’re flying stand-by the whole way), that we’ll be able to get govt. aid for all these tests, and that whatever it is – that it’s got a simple fix.