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My ER doctor just called me now and was so glad he got a hold of me and that I hadn’t headed back to Haiti. This was the first ER doctor I talked to who’s in Lindsay Nation’s church. He told me that they missed something on the MRI and the radiologist just called him.

They said that I have an abnormal blood vessel in my brain. They’re calling it an AVM which is a tangle of blood vessels in the brain that bypasses normal brain tissue and directly diverts blood from the arteries and veins. They said it could have been there since birth but normally those things are never detected until I have an episode like I did this past week.

He was very calm on the phone but has truly frightened me. He said I need another MRI and then they’re going to do a cerebral angiogram which is a test that has you insert a catheter into the artery of your leg and and they go through your neck and inject dye and take pictures of all the blood vessels in the brain. WHAT??? Yeah – that’s what I said.

Has anyone heard of this or gone through this or knows someone who has this? I’m posting the article I read right after the doctor called so I could be more informed – but I have to admit that I’ve been teary-eyed all morning now. Please pray that this is nothing. Surely this is nothing…..