My ER doctor just called me now and was so glad he got a hold of me and that I hadn’t headed back to Haiti. This was the first ER doctor I talked to who’s in Lindsay Nation’s church. He told me that they missed something on the MRI and the radiologist just called him.

They said that I have an abnormal blood vessel in my brain. They’re calling it an AVM which is a tangle of blood vessels in the brain that bypasses normal brain tissue and directly diverts blood from the arteries and veins. They said it could have been there since birth but normally those things are never detected until I have an episode like I did this past week.

He was very calm on the phone but has truly frightened me. He said I need another MRI and then they’re going to do a cerebral angiogram which is a test that has you insert a catheter into the artery of your leg and and they go through your neck and inject dye and take pictures of all the blood vessels in the brain. WHAT??? Yeah – that’s what I said.

Has anyone heard of this or gone through this or knows someone who has this? I’m posting the article I read right after the doctor called so I could be more informed – but I have to admit that I’ve been teary-eyed all morning now. Please pray that this is nothing. Surely this is nothing…..


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  1. Jody,
    Hi, I could possibly have some insight on this for you…a couple of reasons.. 1. I am a nurse..2. I have had a “similar” procedure..but on my heart. (involves inserting the catheter into a major artery) I saw that you had posted the question.. “if anyone knows anything about this” If you want..Please email me and I will email you my phone number or you can email me if you would like to talk. God Bless.
    Heather Skelton (Community Christian Church)

  2. Jody,
    I have had the same procedure done about 3 years ago. (All reasults were good!) I had a bad fall and had some bleeding in the brain so i had to have the same thing done to be sure there was no other damage. It was NOT a painful producure. Only thing uncomfortable was having to lay still for a long period of time. Even after the procedure, I had to lay still for 3 hrs. or so. You must lay still for the procedure and the drs. were great. They made sure I did not move by providing an IV of something to just keep me confortable. I was awake for it all. I am praying for you and that you will feel total peace as I know it can be very scary. But keep in mind that we serve a Mighty God and He is not the author of fear!
    BlessingS and Love to you and your family,
    Patricia Garland (Chantilly, VA)

  3. Jody,
    I tried calling the =0544 number but got Jose’s voice on the recording. I SO wanted to talk to you and give you our love, support and prayers, but this will have to suffice. I am praying that the new MRI results will be handled well and that God will lead you to the best of specialists. So thankful that you have loving family close by to help with the children, so that you CAN rest at Mom’s in a quiet environment. Again I promise that many of us will be praying daily for you and a good outcome. Give my love to all of your family. In His service, Jamsie

  4. Jody,
    I’m sending you an e-mail at your love4haiti address about the procedure. This is the area I work in so hope I can help with information.
    My love and prayers to you.

  5. Jody, I was awaken at sunrise, drawn to the website, then to this blog. Your whole family is an enormous inspiration to many. Sue, Tim and I will be praying for your healing, peace and comfort. God can provide all in His time.
    We love you, Coastal NC Team to Haiti

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