Tree Lighting in New York City

Yesterday was so much fun! It was SO COLD TOO! In order to see the LIVE show – you had to “stand”. Well we got there pretty early and there was just no way that we could just “stand” there in one spot and wait with three little kids. Some people were there as early as 4pm and it didn’t really start until 8pm! So we decided to go eat and walk around. As long as we were “moving” it seemed like the cops would let you get pretty close but wouldn’t let you stay close very long. So we kept “circling” so that we could walk by and take pictures during the different acts that were very early on. I don’t know what they were talking about with Miley Cirus, Beyonce and Jonas Brothers. They were NOT on the main stage. I think they were on a roof somewhere. They had a big TV for the crowds to watch but I felt like we kind of got jipped on those acts!

Here are some pictures from last night:

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