More Adventures in New York

Our family was blessed with tickets to the Rockettes and Little Mermaid! It was the first time that Eveline had seen anything like that and the girls were so excited too! Walking around in Time Square is always fun – all those lights and tall buildings! Both the kids and Eveline were amazed!



 I know you’re not supposed to take pictures but there is just something so mighty and powerful in the final scene with the  Nativity in the Rockettes Show. Hard to believe our country still “allows” it! It was just too beautiful not to take advantage and take a pic. 

We went today and saw Macy’s Santa which was pretty funny! Eveline didn’t want to sit on his lap but she did sit beside him for the picture!! 🙂 All the girls said what they wanted and when Santa asked if they had been “good” this year – they each began to tattle on each other. It was cute – it certainly made Santa and the Elves smile. 

 We are now at Jose’s sister’s house after a two hour train ride! The girls and Gabriel are running around the house chasing Fluffy – a little white dog! It’s a little crazy. I think Jose and I are ready for a good night’s rest (and it’s not even 7pm!). 

Here are some pics:

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