We Don’t Say That…..

If I heard that once – I heard it 10 times in the last two days. I never really thought that I “said” much that we couldn’t say!! LOL! Okay well I don’t think I say those things in front of my kids anyways! –  BUT – I’m getting in trouble for things that aren’t bad – are they?

If my children say “OH MY GOD” I tell them – we don’t say that. If my children say – “OH MY GOSH” we don’t say that either. Now there is a certain tone you use when you say either of those. You’re normally surprised or frustrated. Well instead of saying either of those when we’re surprised or frustrated- we say “OH MAN”. Well the kids told me that “we can’t say that”. Now I understand that saying OH MY GOSH is too close to saying OH MY GOD – – – but when did OH MAN become bad? Or is it that anytime we use any words (to replace the bad word that we really want to say ) that it’s bad? These are questions I never really thought about until Jose and I realized we can no longer have a conversation in front of our kids!

When Malaya is frustrated she says – Oh Pickles or Sweet Niblets! She got it off a show on the Disney Channel. It’s pretty funny. Well I’ve been told those are the only words we can use when we’re frustrated – and anything else is a “bad word”. 

Gabriel was being silly and I called him a SILLY MONKEY. Rosie quickly informed me that “we don’t say that”. She told me he’s a silly baby not a monkey and that I wasn’t being nice. I had to apologize and give him a hug. 

Kids are very perceptive – I don’t think I give mine enough credit. There isn’t any “bad word” that is said on TV or by any other person that they miss……and they have no problem telling that person that “We don’t say that”. 

So what are you saying these days? The Bible talks about the “thought” behind the words being just as bad as the words themselves. Doesn’t matter what “softer” words I use – if my goal is only to replace the word and not the “thought” behind it – I haven’t gained much ground.

Something so simple as little children constantly correcting my words is actually making me correct my thoughts. It seems like we got our roles reversed. So back to my question……. What are you saying these days? What are your words saying about you and your thoughts? Kind of scary –  right?

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  1. I will never forget the day that DJ told his entire Sunday School class to pray for me because I said the “s” word at home all the time! The teacher told me all about it and I was mortified. So I asked DJ in front of her when did he ever hear me say the “s” word – he said I say “stupid” every day!!! That’s why we don’t say that now!

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