We Are Out Of Here 🙂 YEAH!

We are heading back to Haiti today – well to Miami and then to Haiti tomorrow! Jose and I have been ready to go home for about a week now. I’m glad we got to spend this extended time with his family – I know how much he misses them and we only see them once or twice a year. The girls really got to know their “Momita” as they call Jose’s mom! She speaks only Spanish and Malaya thinks it’s Creole. So it’s funny to hear them talk to each other! Language can’t separate love though! The girls “talk” with her every day and certainly love and hug on her! She’s already been crying today thinking of us leaving. 

Please pray for us as we travel. We’ve got 14 bags of luggage, 4 kids, Evelyn’s not feeling well (I think too much American food!),  and a very nauseated “me”. I guess I should really say – Please pray for JOSE!!!

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  1. continuing to hold you and the medical team up in prayer. My friend Gail is a part of the team, please give her a big hug from me when you get to the plane- yesterday was a tough day in terms of spiritual battle : remember Nehemiah building the wall: pray with one hand and work with the other. God is the same …..safe journey, Kerri

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