There’s No Place Like Home….

We’ve been home less than 12 hours and the kids have picked up right where they left off. Malaya has done nothing but complain about the boots we got her to wear in New York. Then we put on her old tennis shoes to travel today and she complained that they hurt her feet all day. So what is Malaya wearing right now? She’s prancing around in her TIGHT Cinderella shoes. I mean the shoes leave marks on her feet but they were the first thing she put on. When I told her they were too tight  – she told me that she was Cinderella and she wasn’t taking them off!

Gabriel has ran from one end of the house to the other. He’s a wild man! If I didn’t know better I would think someone gave him Red Bull to drink. He’s crazy –  just laughing and running around.

Rosie and Mikela have already fought  – to tears even – about who was going to sit with Taylen and Miseline for dinner. It wasn’t long and Mikela had Malaya and Rosie sitting on the steps to my bedroom teaching “school” with all their stuffed animals.  

Everyone was so excited to see Eveline. We had a great reception in the courtyard. It was so cute to see Immadel/Emmanuella/Taylen/Miseline and Eveline all run upstairs so Eveline could tell them all about her trip. They’re all still here. It’s like having a bunch of little school girls! I think the thing that has cracked me up the most is Eveline trying to explain to them about what happens in the move – High School Musical 3!! It’s so funny how everyone here in Haiti is in love with those movies! 

Ceremone surprised us and painted the upstairs and all around the old birthing center – it looks great. We brought in about 4 suitcases of lights. We didn’t get any of our luggage today but we should get it tomorrow. I already told him and Joseph to be prepared to decorate tomorrow. I want to get everything fixed up and then start letting the kids come in for “tours”. I’m hoping by Friday we can start showing Christmas movies in the courtyard and pass out candy and hot chocolate! I just love Christmas!! I’ll post picture of the courtyard once we get it all done!

There’s just nothing like being home – absolutely nothing!

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