So yesterday we spent all day decorating – the campus is beautiful. Lots more lights this year and the trees have lights that go even higher this year than last. The birthing center is all “blue” – – we have multi-colored lights that go all around the campus courtyard.  The upstairs eating area is AMAZING! I bet there are 30 strands of lights hanging up there -all multicolored – VERY cool!!  So why can’t I just show you a picture? The generator broke today!! OH MY….. – I mean OH PICKLES! (I can’t say anything else!!). Luckily Chuck Graham is here – of course he’s supposed to leave tomorrow although we’re hoping to talk him into staying just a little longer to fix it! It’s crazy! I mean everything is ready to go – we were going to show movies tomorrow night – and then we lost power!

So pray for a quick fix!! We’re ready to start all our Christmas Festivities! 

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