Staff Christmas Party

Magdala gave me some vitamins in my IV and some good nausea meds – I was able to go to the Christmas Party last night for about 90 minutes. The party started at 6pm and went till 10pm! It was a long night – but I know from talking to people today – it was one of their best parties ever. Last year we gave gifts – but with funds tight – we weren’t able to do that. I think this year was actually better because we decided to do SECRET SANTAS instead. Everyone participated and got someone else a gift. We all found out at the party who their Santa was. As the gift was given – they got up and danced and hugged. It was really funny when a guy had a gift for another guy! Everyone would laugh! I haven’t seen so many Haitians laughing and joking like that in a long time. 

We had dancers  – which always make me smile. Last year we had one set – this year we had 3 sets!! This isn’t DANCING WITH THE STARS – but you’d think that THEY thought they were in that show. They’re very serious and they have “lifts” and special moves that can’t help but make you giggle. Not because the moves are easy – but because of their facial expressions as they do it. 

We had several singers and our little “program” was a great success. I left when they started eating. Something about their special soup and a smelly type of meat – wasn’t blessing me! Wisley and the committee took over for me when I left. I was able to give a speech in the beginning and make everyone laugh. I tried to be silly and Jose and I got up and pretended we were going to dance like our special dancers – I tried to make it as special as I could – considering how I felt. 

Now I’m back at home – back on IV’s. I promised the girls we would bake cookies tonight – regardless of how I feel. I had Jose bring up some presents so I could wrap them in the bed. So I’m trying not to let my morning sickness (that has turned to all day long sickness) get the best of me. We’ve been showing movies downstairs but I haven’t been able to get pictures. I’ll try to do that tonight. We’ve had at least 1000 kids over the last few nights inside the campus. I just hate it that I haven’t been able to be down there with them.

Here are pics from last night:

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