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Short Update

The power is back on at my parent’s house – it came on last night. We spent yesterday at Jani’s house – THANK YOU VERY MUCH JANI! Shauna and Becky came and took the girls and are keeping them a few days so that I can rest. Jose met my sister in Cincinnati and she took Gabriel! We are very blessed! God sent us all the right people and at the perfect time.

The doctor ran a bunch of tests and believes those pesky migraines I was fighting last October are causing the blackouts. He prescribed me Percocet and Phenergan to take every 5 hours around the clock for 36 hours straight. I’m to be in a dark room and basically be completely rested. I’m in between pill cycles which is why I’m writing right now. I’ve been so drugged since I left his office that I’m just now coherent enough to type. 

He gave me the “option” of being hospitalized yesterday and I asked him if it was okay to wait. He said he’d prescribe this to me – give me until Wednesday and if I’m still hurting then I’ll have to be admitted. I’m seeing him Wednesday, the high risk doctor Friday, and then an ultrasound on Monday (which I’m far enough along that I might learn what we’re having!). So I’m under very good care – and a very watchful eye.  

Okay – well I’m getting Loopy again! When you take those pills together -you’re truly in your own little world! It’s a great little place to be right now!!! LOL! 🙂