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Which Set of Names Do YOU Like?

So I’ve been tossing around a few ideas for names for our little twin boys. I think Jose and I have narrowed it down to these two sets of names. 


SET 1: Landon and Levi (we also thought about Lucas, Logan)

When we got pregnant with Gabriel – I was going to name him Landon. But it was Jose’s turn to name the baby and he really liked Gabriel. So we went with Gabriel. The reason I like LANDON is because there was a movie that had come out called A Walk To Remember. In this movie there is a homely Christian Girl who completely changes this high school boy named – Landon. It was the first time I had ever heard the name and I really liked it. I think Levi is a HIP name!! 🙂 So those are our contemporary names. 


SET 2: Isaac and Asher (we also thought about Elijah, Ezekiel, Esau)

These are our BIBLE names. We all of course know about Isaac – his story is fairly well known. BUT who you might not know about is Asher. Asher was the son of Jacob. He was the founder of one of the Israelite Tribes. What I also like about this name (besides the fact it’s kind of different) is that Asher was often described as being entirely innocent of evil intent and always in search of harmony between his brothers. 

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So of those two sets of names – which do you think? Landon and Levi have a nice sound to them – they sound really cute. Isaac and Asher have a little more meaning behind their names. Now don’t tell me you like Isaac and Asher just because they’re from the Bible!! That’s the Sunday School answer! I just want to know which ones you think sound the best – fit the best – in our “little” family!

If you have any other names – let us know! If you just want to vote and not comment – that’s okay too!