Which Set of Names Do YOU Like?

So I’ve been tossing around a few ideas for names for our little twin boys. I think Jose and I have narrowed it down to these two sets of names. 


SET 1: Landon and Levi (we also thought about Lucas, Logan)

When we got pregnant with Gabriel – I was going to name him Landon. But it was Jose’s turn to name the baby and he really liked Gabriel. So we went with Gabriel. The reason I like LANDON is because there was a movie that had come out called A Walk To Remember. In this movie there is a homely Christian Girl who completely changes this high school boy named – Landon. It was the first time I had ever heard the name and I really liked it. I think Levi is a HIP name!! 🙂 So those are our contemporary names. 


SET 2: Isaac and Asher (we also thought about Elijah, Ezekiel, Esau)

These are our BIBLE names. We all of course know about Isaac – his story is fairly well known. BUT who you might not know about is Asher. Asher was the son of Jacob. He was the founder of one of the Israelite Tribes. What I also like about this name (besides the fact it’s kind of different) is that Asher was often described as being entirely innocent of evil intent and always in search of harmony between his brothers. 

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So of those two sets of names – which do you think? Landon and Levi have a nice sound to them – they sound really cute. Isaac and Asher have a little more meaning behind their names. Now don’t tell me you like Isaac and Asher just because they’re from the Bible!! That’s the Sunday School answer! I just want to know which ones you think sound the best – fit the best – in our “little” family!

If you have any other names – let us know! If you just want to vote and not comment – that’s okay too!

9 responses to “Which Set of Names Do YOU Like?”

  1. Don’t take Levi– that’s one of my names! Heather already took my favorite (Josiah)!

    Just kidding…I know it’s first come first serve with names. 🙂 Gerson asked me why we can’t still name our son Josiah, and I told him it would be a little weird to have 2 missionaries named Heather with a son named Josiah in northwest Haiti!

    I really like both sets of names. Maybe you should pick according to which ones would be easier for Haitians to pronounce.

    By the way, Levi is a Bible name too!

  2. I wanted to name my first son Steven and my second son Terrell. Their names are David and Daniel. I always got the comment oh good strong biblical names which they are but when we named them we weren’t thinking that way. I did get to name one of the babies that I helped deliver in Haiti Steven so that makes me happy. I like using the mothers maiden names. I think Owen would be great too. But having twins you need another name with meaning otherwise one might feel he didn’t get the family name. Maybe there’s a name on Jose’s side that would be good. What names have the girls come up with? Have fun deciding:) Laura

  3. I consider my vote based off what two names sound good with your family and what names I will be saying for the years come here and so far I really like the sound of Landon and Levi 🙂 Also, I seriously doubt I ever get to be one of those people informing you not to steal their baby names because if I ever got twin boys to go along with my invisible husband I want name them Mateo and Matrix so they can both be Mat if they want (hehe) Alright, love ya and have fun with the naming thing.


    I like these two names (ASHER/ISAAC)… they are different, unique and have a neat sounding

    what about asher and levi… or landon and isaac… just to confuse things a bit

    I like Levi and Asher!


    I will say I teach a little boy named Ash and that is cute too (could be shorter)

    Tucker, Kennedy

    Landon and Asher (Levi is also biblical, but doesn’t sound as good with your last name

  5. Well the Girls wants to name the babies – Zack and Cody off of the Disney Channel show. They also like Asher and Levi. However – when they say ASHER – it sounds more like something else. Heather made a good point to think about what the Haitians can pronounce. Now Eveline can say Asher okay – but I will never forget the Haitian women on my porch – waiting to meet Malaya. They were going over her name -one person teaching the others how to say it and they called her – MER RAY RA.

    Other emails I got were that they liked Levi and Asher. Now I didn’t know that Levi was a Bible name which is kind of neat. The only reason I lean more towards Bible names is just because Gabriel has a Bible name and so all my boys would have Bible names.

    I’ve been driving my sister insane – emailing her every time I think of a new name!! She can’t wait until we make up our mind! 🙂

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