NO! – – Say It Isn’t So!

Today was a busy day – especially for a pregnant lady! We started off this morning getting Mikela ready for school! Yep – I was actually up at 7am to get her ready for the 7:30am bus. Guess what – that 7:30am bus is for high school. Her bus comes at 6:40 AM!! OUCH! So she missed her bus. Rosie’s school time actually starts an hour later than Mikela. Since it was also Rosie’s first day of school –  we loaded them both up and took them. Mikela was late and Rosie was early. Rosie had a great day – the teacher said she was GOOD!! Go figure! Rosie loves school and has talked about nothing else all day. 

After we dropped the kids off it was time to go see the high risk doctor and get an ultrasound. We were excited because we knew we were far enough along that we might find out what we’re having. There were three possible combinations – two boys, two girls, or one of each. The lady asked me which one we were hoping for. I told her anything but TWO boys. I wanted at least one girl.

So we started off with Baby A. We measured all the parts – everything looks great. The heart is strong and the spine looks great. Baby A is now BOY A. No doubt about it – it’s for sure a boy!

So we start looking at BABY B. We measured all the parts – everything looks great. The heart is strong and the spine looks great. I keep waiting for her to tell me the sex of the baby and she’s quiet. I finally asked her and I saw this little smile come across her face. BABY B is – – BOY B! 

Are you kidding me? We are having TWO BOYS! Now I would like to just tell you that Jose and I jumped up and down and were crying tears of Joy! But this is the CASTILLO BLOG – and we tell it like it is! There were definitely tears – but not like you think.

Now the most important thing is that the babies are healthy – Yes I know that! I went through the NICU scare with Gabriel and I know how true that statement is. BUT  – after you get past that point – it’s very easy to get caught up on the little things – like the fact that the last three kids I have are now ALL BOYS! 

I already had a girl named picked out – I already had the bedding picked out! I knew I was having one of each and I had peace with that! So this was truly SHOCKING! 

So I’m learning to adjust my thinking – it might take a while though. I know what a handful Gabriel was – still is – and can’t imagine two more of him! I called one of my friends in Haiti and they just laughed because they know how much I like little girls! They told me they are going to start making space in the baby orphanage for our twin BOYS!! LOL!

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  1. Jody and Jose,

    Congrats! AND hold onto your hats!!!!

    We have three children, Abby – 17 , Caleb – 16, Jonah -13.
    I truly thought I was have a girl with my last pregnancy and my OB doc even said I was. So…. my mom and I were busy buying girly things. I was also put on bedrest in my 6th month – high blood pressure, headaches, and premature contractions. I was so sure I was having a girl. We went for our last ultrasound 3 weeks before I actually delivered and BOY were we ever surprised! One look at the ultrasound screen and you could see very clearly that it was a boy!

    Now, I really love Jonah and in the end I am so glad that he is a boy. He has been a pure joy and also provides some comedy relief :). BUT I did have some tears after we found out… I just was so certain I was having a Hannah Elizabeth, and not a Jonah Benjamin. Tears aside, God knew what He was doing and we have been so blessed with our little boy!!!!!!!!!!

    Don’t worry Gabe will show both boys the ropes! 🙂
    Love ya tons!!!

  2. Ah that’s exciting. 🙂 I just love little boys. Plus, the girls still out # the boys. And in several years there will be some good muscle for the mission. Blessings and love to all, Laura

  3. when b was pregnant i just KNEW it was a girl, i did not want her to have a boy…now i am not sure i ever want her to have girls…i swear boys are easier in the long run…congratulations!

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