Two Different Worlds….

I have always felt like Haiti and the states were most certainly two different worlds but never does that seem more true to me than now. I’m here in the states  – enjoying the luxuries of sending my kids to school and dance. I’m focused on homework, making valentines with the girls, and doctor appointments  – while my friends/staff in Haiti just finished this amazing retreat. This is something I was helping to organize with Erica – up until it was time for me to leave. You can read on the Rogers and Vickie’s blog – more about this.  

You all know how much I love Curt – who led praise and worship this past summer and sets music to scripture. He was called in for this special event. Erika and Andy had also told us about these counselors who come to the mission field and help missionaries with any problems/adjustments/just living life on the field. They were part of the focus of this week. They met with each of the missionaries individually or as couples. OH I HATED NOT BEING THERE!! They could probably spend a week alone just dealing with me!!! LOL!  We laugh but we know it’s true!

It has nearly torn my heart in two – being here where I know I have to be – yet yearning to be in Haiti where my heart really is. Courtney has been so precious and good to me – she has taken notes on the devotions and emailed them to me faithfully every day. It was her way of making me feel apart of this special week. I never even asked – she just did it.

Vickie, Danielle, and Heather have all emailed me and told me how much our family was being prayed for and missed this week. I know those little things don’t seem like much – but when you hold onto every word that comes from the place that holds your heart- it amounts to a lot. 

So thank you to all the missionaries for trying to include me in this special week. There is no doubt that Jose and I miss you all so much. When we lost power for a week over here – the girls kept asking when we were going back to Haiti. It was kind of funny! Malaya asks me EVERY SINGLE DAY – those babies coming out today? When the babies come out we going back to Haiti?  – – It’s really precious. I know she’s homesick just like me!

All of the girls have been great with my sickness. They’ve heard me talk about “blacking out”. WELL – They were talking to one of their friends (someone who comes to Haiti a lot) on the phone and Mikela told them I got a black eye almost every day. She said “Daddy has to keep taking her to the hospital because he hurts her!”. Yeah  – not exactly the right story! I hope she doesn’t tell her friends at school that! 🙂

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